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The BioGang is an informal, distributed collection of geeky life scientists who have come together to try and think of cool problems and ideas that can be solved collaboratively. While many of us are informaticians and modelers, the Gang welcomes all comers. We have a variety of backgrounds and experiences but all share a love of science, openness and belief in the power of the web to enable distributed collaboration and community. Neil Saunders summed our approach and attitude up very well.

"A biogang characteristic: lack of respect for institutional boundaries and restrictions?"

The BioGang was created following a blog post, partially inspired by the ideafactory blog (Via a thread on the six hour startup google group

Unless otherwise stated content of the BioGang is shared under an CC-BY license and projects are likely to be open source and shared on an appropriate code repository (e.g. Google Code or GitHub)

News: Many members of The BioGang were involved in the new book Beautiful Data: The story behind elegant data solutions


Some of the core concepts driving The BioGang are discussed below.

What is "Bursty Work"?

In the context of this Wiki, the "Burst Work" concept was inspired by a tweet by Chris Messina. He said

It just dawned on me that startups are obsolete. Sustainable, distributed bursty work is the future.

The idea is that a group of smart people can come together to start projects. These people can be spread out around the corners of the globe, working to get a project to a stage when it could be passed on to someone else or carried forward if that's the best way forward. That philosophy is sorely missing from the world of computational life science, and the hope is that this wiki will serve as a catalyst for such projects

What is an "Idea Factory"?

The concept of an idea factory in the context of bursty work is to build a collective of people and harness their collective intelligence. The days of think tanks like those at Bell Labs or PARC are long gone, but the internet allows us to bring together loosely coupled groups of people.



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