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This is a draft, need to write this down before going to bed :-) --Lindenb 22:29, 21 June 2008 (UTC)


The Idea

Creating a decentralized scientific social network.


Everyone who wants creates a FOAF profile. Each person stores is FOAF on his own server (e.g. or on google-docs/spreadsheet, sharing as text an URL : e.g. (again here it's a draft created from a random list of paper))

This FOAF/RDF profile contains

the document should be semi-structured , that is to say, it is a well-defined RDF+XML document but the tags will be ordered in a defined format. Why ? because RDF can be messy an requires an sophisticated API such as JENA. On the other hand, if the elements are ordered we can use Stax/SAX/DOM to parse the document or create a XST stylesheet.


Here is described the content of a FOAF file.


An then...

See also